Carbery Plastics 10 Tips to Conserve Water in the Garden


Grass can survive for long periods without water and will quickly recover when the next rain showers arrive. Raising lawnmower blades to a higher level will help stop grass from scorching in warm weather. Leaving the clippings on the lawn protects roots and returns nutrients to the soil.

2. Watering Cans

If you must water your plants, do it in the early morning or evening when it's cooler. Forget the hose and always use a watering can fitted with a rose.

3. Compost

Recycle your green kitchen waste in a compost bin.

Compost provides valuable nutrients and helps retain moisture in the soil. Check out Carbery Plastics for their range of composters.

4. Don’t hose a driveway

Don’t use a hose when cleaning paths, patios and driveways. Use a shovel and brush instead

5. Mulches

Using mulch such as wood chips, bark or gravel will help prevent water evaporation and will suppress weed growth saving water and the need for weeding. These are especially valuable for shrubs, flowerbeds and new plantings.

6. Collect Rainwater 

Rainwater is excellent for your garden. Collect it in a water butt fed from your gutters but always make sure to securely cover large containers for safety.

7. Weed those beds

Regularly weed and hoe your garden, to ensure that watering helps your plants and not your weeds.

8. Spot those leaks

Regularly check your outdoor taps, pipes and plumbing fixtures for leaks.

9. Re-use water

Use a basin in your sink to collect and reuse water for your garden plants

10. Trees, shrubs and plants

Plant flowers and shrubs that like warm and dry conditions. Your local garden centre should be able to give you some advice. Established trees and shrubs do not need to be watered. 

We hope these tips can help you reduce your usage of of water!!

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